Why Google Sync for iPhone is so Crucial

14 October 2009

Two weeks ago Google unveiled Google Sync which allows iPhone users to receive true push email to their iPhone for free. Before, iPhone users had to set their device to poll the Google servers for new emails in order to see if they had recieved any new emails. Otherwise, they would have to subscribe to MobileMe for $10 a month. With the introduction of Google Sync for iPhone, it gives consumers one less reason to purchase a Blackberry. After all, email IS Blackberry’s killer app. With Google Sync you get all the benefits of true push email with the usability of an iPhone.

Personally, I use a Blackberry and I receive my emails pushed to me via BIS. It’s a great system, but quite honestly the rest of the device doesn’t stack up against the iPhone. Yes, I get emails delivered to me, but I can’t tell you the number of times I couldn’t read it because my message was too long, or that it contained an attachment that was too large.  I really think the Safari browser is the nail in the coffin. My company, KARMAtize (www.karmatize.com) relies heavily on Google apps, from email to documents. I need a device that will let me take full advantage of this, and with Google sync, the iPhone becomes one step closer to my device of choice.