In Westdale Today

21 October 2009

I was heading off into Westdale when I saw a bunch of police vehicles including a hazmat as well as explosives unit. A house in Westdale, 81 Arkell Ave, was sent a package last night containing a strange powdery substance, which the residents believed was anthrax.  Police don’t actually know what the substance is,  but it has been sent to a lab in Toronto for further inspection. According to police, the house was resident to a group of mentally disabled people, which could explain why they were targeted for this…

*UPDATE * The home is run by the Beth Tikvah Foundation, a group that provides assistance for adults with developmental disabilities living in the community.


Firefighters stand in front of a decontamination pool

Anthrax Explosive Unit Explosives Unit


The house is on the left, you can see the police and hazmat tape covering off the area


The Police officer who gave us all the details